Prostate cancer prognosis calculator

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Free letöltés Leírás "Child Pugh Score Calculator - Liver Disease " is a mobile app designed to help medical practitioner to calculate the Child-Pugh score of a patient with chronic liver disease, especially cirrhosis.

prostate cancer prognosis calculator

This "Child Pugh Score Calculator - Liver Disease" app will automatically classify the disease based on the total score. There are three classifications namely class A, B, and C with the latest as the most severe disease.

prostate cancer prognosis calculator

Download now! The Child-Pugh score is a system for assessing the prognosis of chronic liver disease, primarily cirrhosis.

prostate cancer prognosis calculator

It provides a forecast of the increasing severity of liver disease and the expected survival rate. The Child-Pugh score is determined by scoring five clinical measures of liver disease. The five clinical measures are: - Total bilirubin: yellow compound in bile from hemoglobin breakdown - Serum albumin: blood protein produced in the liver - Prothrombin time, prolongation s or INR: time for blood to clot - Ascites: fluid in peritoneal cavity - Hepatic encephalopathy: brain disorder from liver disease Disclaimer: All calculations must be re-checked and should not be used alone to guide patient care, nor should they substitute for clinical judgment.

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