Prostate infarction.

New Insights into the Biological and Pharmaceutical Properties of Royal Jelly

Nodular prostatic hyperplasia of minor degree I. The kidney is … cm by its widest extension, weighing g. The capsule of the kidney can be removed without cortical loss, the surface is slightly granulated. On its cut surface the kidney is divided transversely into two equal parts by a central septum originating from the parenchyma to the hilum of the kidney. Both kidney parts consist of their own, separated renal pelvis, and an independent, single ureter deriving from them.

nutrition and benign prostatic hyperplasia

The renal pelvis and caliceal system of the lower kidney part is characterized by a sacklike dilation, the cortex above is thinned, with a thickness less than … cm at some parts. The upper kidney part is of normal structure, the pelvis and the caliceal system are not dilated, the quantity of the fat surrounding the renal pelvis is normal, the cortex is preserved, brown-red in color and the corticomedullary boundary is slightly blurred.

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The ureter belonging to the lower kidney part is markedly dilatated in its whole length, with a diameter of … cm. Its run is slighlty curly and the ureter reaches the bladder in its normal position, but it protrudes with its full, enlarged diameter through the wall of the bladder into the internal cavity with a … cm long, cylindrical part covered with an intact mucous membrane.

In the cavity of this protruded part, at its endpoint, a 1.

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The protruded part is long enough to tilt onto the inner urethral orifice like a valve and to be able to close it fractionally depending on the pressure ratio. The ureter belonging to the upper kidney part is not dilated, runs straight, separately from the other urether.

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It opens into the other ureter on the open surface of its protruded part with an idependent orifice. The urinary bladder is dilated with a diameter of … cm.

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  • New Insights into the Biological and Pharmaceutical Properties of Royal Jelly
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The muscle fibers on the internal surface of the bladder are prostate infarction. The orifice of the ureter is normal on the left prostate infarction.

Int J Mol Sci. Published online Jan 8. Copyright © by the authors. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Royal jelly RJ is a yellowish-white and acidic secretion of hypopharyngeal and mandibular glands of nurse bees used to feed young worker larvae during the first three days and the entire life of queen bees.

A prostate gland slightly larger than its normal chestnut size adjoins the urinary bladder from beneath. On its cut surface a slight nodules can be suspected.

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