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All animals survived scheduled study period. This observation was due to staining Milyen antibiotikumok a Prostatitis Véleményektől of the test item.

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No further test item-related clinical signs or observations were noted in males or females at any dose level. Incidentally, in one male no. No further test item-related findings were noted at any dose level.

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The only findings noted were chromodacryorrhea and eye reduced in size in male no. Statistically significantly lower body temperature was noted in both sexes.

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In males mean body temperature was In females, The differences noted in males and females were only minor, not clearly dose dependent and all values remained in the historical control range. For these reasons, changes in body temperature were considered not to be test item-related.

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No further findings were noted during functional prostate size normal range battery in males or females at any dose level except for the eye findings in male no. The difference in body weight gain was statistically significant during the most days starting from day 3 until the end of the pre-pairing period.

This effect was considered to be test item-related.

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During the pairing and after pairing periods, body weight gain was similar at all dose levels. Prostate size normal range significant changes in body weights were noted in males at any time during the study.

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Because the lower body weight gain at the high-dose level was reversible despite treatment continued and did not result in any significant changes in body weights, this finding was considered not to be adverse. On individual days some statistically significantly changed values of body weight gain were noted at the low- mid- and high-dose levels.

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The changes did not follow a dose dependency and were therefore not related to the treatment. In males, statistically significant changes of several parameters: higher distribution width of red cell volume RDW at the low-dose level and higher distribution width of hemoglobin concentration HDW at the low- and mid-dose levels occurred in the absence of an effect at the high dose and therefore were considered not to be test item-related.

Metal- and redox homeostasis in prostate cancer with vitamin D 3 supplementation

In females, at the low-dose level, statistically significantly higher platelets count was noted in the absence of any increase of this value at the mid- and high-dose levels and therefore it was not test item-related.

No further changes of hematology parameters were noted in males or females at any dose level. In males, at the mid-dose level, statistically significantly lower concentration of triglycerides was noted.

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In the absence of dose dependency, this finding was not test item-related. In females at the low dose level, following statistically significant changes were noted: higher concentration of cholesterol, higher concentration of globulin, and lower globulin to albumin ratio.

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These changes were not dose-dependent and therefore they were considered not to be test item-related. No further changes of biochemistry parameters were noted in either males or females at any dose level. These changes might be test item-related.

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However no significant dose dependent trend indicated by probability values of No further changes were noted during sperm analysis. At the high-dose level, all morphological categories of sperms were represented with similar frequency to that in the control group whereas sperm count was similar to the respective control values in samples from both testis and epididymidis. All findings recorded were within the range of normal background lesions which may be recorded in animals of this strain and age.

All females in groups 2, 3 and 4 mated within the first pairing period. In group 1, one female no.

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Mean median precoital times were 4. Seven females were not pregnant: three in the control group and in the mid-dose level and one in the low-dose level. Consequently, fertility indexes number of females pregnant as percentages of females paired and conception rate number of females pregnant as percentages of females mated were One female at the high dose level had one implantation site but delivered no pups.

Gigascience ; 7 12 12 Vaccinia virus VACV has been applied as a live vaccine for immunization against smallpox, which was eradicated by as a result of worldwide vaccination.

Mean number of corpora lutea per dam was Mean duration of gestation was In order of ascending dose levels, mean number of implantations per dam was Because of isolated occurrence, this finding was considered to be incidental. Mean number of living pups per dam at first litter check was Birth index number of pups born alive as a percentage of implantations was This was considered to be a result of biological Segítsen otthon a prostatitisben. Dose descriptor:.

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