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Learn the causes, symptoms, and treatments. Health Tips Health And Wellness Health Care Health And Beauty Health Prostatitis calla Psoas Release Mudras Dental Implants Massage Therapy Acupressão: 4 pontos chave para aliviar dores comuns A acupressão é uma terapia natural onde se pressionam pontos específicos para aliviar problemas comuns do dia-a-dia, como dor cabeça, cólica menstrual e até enjoo ou tosse.

Your back will love you! Use it on your own by rolling on it on the floor or have a friend run it up and down your back. Our bodies are composed of over muscles, which is divided into 3 major categories: the cardiac or heart muscle, the smooth muscles and the skeletal muscles that enable us to execute moves through voluntary contractions.

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When various reflex points are stimulated, that induce a healing response. With repeated practice these channels of blocked energy can be cleared resulting in improved overall health.

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Pack this in a suitcase for taking away on holiday. Tape Dich und deine Freunde in nur wenigen Minuten ganz einfach selbst.

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