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HU Prostatop Natural nutritional supplement for men with Saw Palmetto extract with Hoary willowherb, Common nettle root and pumkin seed extracts How does Prostatop help?

Pumpkin Seeds and Prostate Health

Prostatops plant extract ingredients help to preserve the health of the prostate and to relieve the symptoms of Benignus prostatic hyperplasia benign prostate enlargement. Saw palmetto, also known as a Sereona extract can help to maintain normal urine flow and preserve pumpkin seeds prostate health of the prostate.

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Another main ingredient, the Hoary willowherb extract can contribute to the proper functioning of the urinary system of men over the age of 45, while the Common nettle root extract can contribute to the health of the prostate. Ingredients Saw Palmetto extract Serenoa repens Nyálmirigy gyulladás lelki okai Semmelweis Urology Clinic of Budapest recommends the use of different phytotherapeutic agents for mild complaints eg.

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Saw palmetto, pumpkin seeds, nettle root extracts, etc. The extract from the palm tree's purple fruit slows down the testosterone loss due to age-related characteristics, thus it also restrains prostate enlargement, libido loss and hair loss.

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Hoary willowherb extract Epilobium parviflorum Hoary willowherb extract reduces the frequency of urination and increases the amount of urine drained, resulting in an improvement in the symptoms of prostate enlargement. Common nettle root extract Urtica dioica The ß-sitosterol content of the Common nettle root causes a relief of the unpleasant initial symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia: for example, it increases the amount of urine and reduces the volume of the prostate.

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Pumpkin seed extract Cucurbita pepo The so-called phytosterols and trace elements zinc, selenium, magnesium in the pumkin seed contribute to the protection against prostate diseases.

Pumkin pumpkin seeds prostate extract also helps to reduce testosterone levels and inhibits prostate tissue growth hormone function.

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Lycopene Lycopersicum esculentum Lycopene extracted from tomatoes is an effective antioxidant, ie it strengthens the body against chronic diseases such as prostate cancer or certain heart diseases. Anti caking agents Aerosil silicaMagnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose Capsule shell Gelatine Delivery Our product gets to you via GLS courier service within the next 72 hours after you placed the order.

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