Prostate adenocarcinoma gleason score 44 8.

prostate adenocarcinoma gleason score 44 8

Gigascience ; 7 12 12 Vaccinia virus VACV has been applied as a live vaccine for immunization against smallpox, which was eradicated by as a result of worldwide vaccination.

prostate cancer stage 2 gleason score 7

VACV is the prototype of poxviruses in the investigation of the molecular pathogenesis of the virus. Short-read sequencing methods have revolutionized transcriptomics; however, they are not efficient in distinguishing between the RNA isoforms and transcript overlaps. The raw reads were mapped to the VACV reference genome and also to the host Chlorocebus sabaeus genome.

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In this study, we applied the Pacific Biosciences RSII and Sequel platforms, which altogether resulted inmapped reads of inserts 1. Conclusions: By applying cutting-edge technologies, we were able to generate a large dataset that can serve as a valuable resource for the investigation of the dynamic VACV transcriptome, the virus-host interactions, and RNA base modifications. These data can provide useful information for novel gene annotations in the VACV genome.

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Our dataset can also be used to analyze the currently available LRS platforms, library preparation methods, and bioinformatics pipelines.

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