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A cikkek összefoglalói a folyóirat honlapjáról PDF formátumban letölthetőek. Trends of drug research and development in Europe 98 Thaler GyörgyChallenges of the pharmaceutical industry: Where are we heading?

prostate drops professional formulas

Biosimilars landscape - Development, regulatory and market access challenges Yenice, I. Focus on biosimilar filgrastim development Szalma SándorTarget and biomarker discovery in an open ecosystem Hegyi P.

Translational medicine taking discoveries to patients benefits Boije Af Gennas, GustavDesign and synthesis of novel inhibitors targeting pathogenic protozoan parasites Bouaziz, Z. Exploring protein kinase CK2 by designing heterocyclic compounds Szakonyi Zs. Stereoselective synthesis, synthetic and pharmacological applications of chiral aminodiols and diamioalcohols Mándity I.

Continuous-flow solid-phase synthesis of peptides with exceptionally low amino acid consumption Nekkaa, I. Homochirality of β-peptides: a significant biomimetic property of unnatural systems Bagdy Gy. Characterization of the bacterial winged-helix domain of RecQ helicase.

A novel antibacterial target Turják L. Nanoscale analysis of prostate cancer tissue microarrays Ganzler K. Analytical sciences: serving the changing pharmaceutical landscape Humphrey, P. Triple quadrupole or high resolution accurate mass: the quantitation conundrum Kollár É. Development and manufacture of biosimilar medicinal products Bajdik J. Innovative approach to improve the film coating efficiency with applying of a continuous film coater Korteby, Y. A novel insight into Fluid Bed Melt Granuation: Temperature mapping for the determination of granule formation with the In-situ and spray-on techniques Széchenyi A.

Application of solid nanoparticle as emulsifiers and surface modifiers in controlled drug delivery László-Herbert R. Multimodal nanoantibiotics for synergistic modes of action against infectious diseases and for biofilm treatment Kogermann, K. Design and development of antimicrobial fibrous dressings for advanced wound care Zupancic, S.

Nanofibers - a promising delivery system for beneficial bacteria Celik-Tekeli, M. Development and characterization of self nanoemulsifying systems for oral delivery of peptides Szikra D. Radiolabeling of targeted self assembled nanoparticles for positron emission tomography Perjési P. Non-enzyme catalyzed metabolic transformations of xenobiotics Gáspár R. Gastrointestinal electromyographic signals during immobilization in rats: new possibility for the instrumental detection of stress Horváth Gy.

Effect of thyme, cinnamon and citronella essential oils in in vivo mouse lung inflammation model Ulakcsai Zs. Prevention of caspase activation by resveratrol in non-transformed cells Lekli I. Effects of Momordica charintia Bitter melon on ischemic diabetic myocardium Váradi J.

Investigation of anti-inflammatory effect of sour cherry anthocyanins on Caco-2 inflammatory model Kilicarslan, M. New drug delivery systems for the oral cavity and preiodontal therapy Gottnek, M. Prostate drops professional formulas and characterization of mucoadhesive hydroxypropyl cellulose oral films Sonvico, F. Development of an orphan drug medicinal product for the treatment of maligant mesothelioma Ambrus R.

Development of a novel formulated, pulmonary microparticle new generation DPI containing antibiotic agent with improved aerosolization efficiency Démuth B. Dissolution extent decrease of amorphous drug due to magnesium stearate induced crystallization Sass A. Behaviour of medicated inks on porous substrates - The effect of viscosity and surface tension on printing parameters Takács-Novák K. Challenges in equilibrium solubility measurements: poor solubility, low dissolution rate, low wettability Veszelka Sz.

Targeted delivery of solid and vesicular nanoparticles across the blood-brain barrier Krajcsi P. Bile salt transport profiling of hepatic transporters Bácskay I. Prostate drops professional formulas role of biocompatibility investigations in pharmaceutical technological research Fenyvesi F. Examination of pharmacokinetic properties of fluorescently labelled hydroxypropyl-beta-cyclodextrin Alberti Á.

Diarylheptanoid composition of several European Betulaceae species Lust, A. Melt electrospinning of fibers from the molten mixtures of a carrier material and drug Kocbek, P. Development of hollow nanostructures for magnetically-assisted drug delivery Sütő B. Prostate drops professional formulas and characterisation of a gel formulation containing ibuprofen-loaded nanostructured lipid carriers Paaver, U. Formulation and characterisation of nanofibrillar cellulose consisting nanofibrous mats intended for novel wound dressings Saks, L.

In vitro investigation of antimicrobial electrospun wound dressings based on chloramphenicol and biodegradable polymers Shah, V. Some bioquivalent BE modified-release MR formulations with multiphasic concentration profiles are not interchangeable Pálfi-Goóts H. Navigating the regulatory information prostate drops professional formulas Lehocky R. Long-term dissolution method for poor water-soluble parenteral suspension Marosi Gy.

New advances in continuous pharmaceutical technology Csóka I. Application of flow techniques as a research tool in pharmaceutical area Sinkó B. Application of simultaneous dissolution-absorption apparatus for screening formulations before bioequivalence studies Mrhar, A.

Translation of clinical pharmacy research into practice: a Slovenian case Laszlovszky I. Cariprazine, a new generation atypical antipsychotics: Clinical overview Kerec-Kos, M. Changes in pharmacokinetics in patients with chronic Prostatitis az idős kezelésben prostate drops professional formulas Tóth B. Melt-electrospinning: a novel method for formulating and improving the solubility of poorly water-soluble drugs Tóth B.

The efficacy of ginger Zingiber officinale for the prevention of postoperative nausea and vomiting Ruba, I. Evaluation of techniques and possibilities for oral delivery of antidiabetic peptide drug - liraglutide - in a novel delivery system Haimhoffer Á. Development of a floating gastroretentive dosage form by melt foaming Módra Sz. Formulation and evaluation of innovative, chitosan based mucoadhesive buccal drug delivery films Farkas B.

Alternating current electrospinning, a novel method for preparing drug-loaded amorphous solid dispersions Sen Karaman, D. Mesoporous silica nanoparticles within nanofibers - novel antibiofilm prostate drops professional formulas Benke E.

The effect of sodium stearate on the aerosol performance of meloxicam potassium using a carrier-free procudure Mirtic, J. Microencapsulation of probiotics as biotherapeutic agents for their local delivery Léber A. Development of a lipid based drug delivery system containing antibiotics for the treatment of periodontitis Saka, O. I - In vitro studies Üstündagokur, N. Formulation and characterization of dermal films for wound healing Kollár B. Steroid-harboring nanoparticle provide anti-inflammatory response with less adverse effects Areen, A.

Preparation and evaluation of loratadine nanosuspension by using precipitation ultrasonication technology Horváth B. Pickering emulsion of tre tree oil in water, stabilized with silica nanoparticles for onychomycosis topical treatment Jójárt-Laczkovich Prostatitis e me. Influence of oil and cholesterol as wall components on the mean vesicle size of liposomes Nikolić, I.

Biocompatible low-energy nanoemulsions for curcumin dermal delivery - the effect of terpene oil and drug content Prostate drops professional formulas Gy. Investigation of folate-targeted Galabeled nanoparticles as imaging agents for positron emission tomography Yoncheva, K. Development and evaluation of micellar curcumin intended for the treatment of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma Lehocky R. Pickering foam formulation by wet nano-milling Potrc, T.

Parameter optimization of spherical agglomeration method Bjelosevic, M. Aggressive conditions during primary drying as a new approach to optimize freeze-drying cycle of biopharmaceuticals Ludasi K. Unique laser coding technology to fight falsified medicines Domokos A. The investigation of the connectability of continuous flow reactors and electrospinning Vasvári G. Hot-melt technologies to develop modified or targeted release hard capsules Lustrik, M.

Self-microemulsifying pellets prepared by flulid bed coating technology Kósa D. Formulation of topical pharmaceutical foam to enhance cutaneous drug delivery Jakab G. Robust compression of multilayer enteric coated pellets enabled by dry powder layering Georgieva, Y.

Taste masking of enalapril maleate by various techniques Algan, A. Development of etoposide loaded poly methyl methacrylate and poly hydroxyethyl methacrylate tubular nanostructures Zvonar Pobirk, A. Solidification of the self-microemulsifying system by a fluid bed granulation technique Kiss O. The effect of different excipients in the solid dispersion-formulation of poorly soluble material using melt technology Mancer, D. Design of experiment of hydrophobic drug encapsulation using biopolymers: Particles size based study Trandafirescu, C.

Solid-state characterization of albendazole-complex binary systems with pharmaceutical excipients Viidik, L. Comparison of the physicochemical and mechanical characteristics of alginate and chitosan based films as wound dressings Tugcu-Demiröz, F.

Mucoadhesion and rheological Elindított színpadi prosztatitis of poly acrylates gels for different mucosal drug delivery Farkas Gy. Phenomenon of self-organized criticality in granule flowability examinations Ostrózka-Cieslik, A. Evaluation of morphology of diuretic-incorporated polymeric microspheres Djekic, L. Differential scanning calorimetry and photon correlation spectroscopy as complementary tools for characterization of microemulsion hydrogels Djekic, L.

Quantitative approach used Raman mapping for distributional homogeneity of different drugs in tablets Bouhaouche, A. Experimental study of the effect of the particles shape on the mixing performance in pharmaceutical V-blender Jancar, S.

Characterisation of polymer excipients by size exclusion chromatography and light scattering based detection Lengyel M. Effect of surfactants on microencapsulation with coacervation-phase separation method Völgyi G. Challenges in equilibrium solubility measurements: difficulties in phase separation Kenari, F.

Study of interaction of reduced glutathione GSH with chalcone and some cyclic chalcone analogues Henrion, L. Investigation of absorption and metabolism of ibuprofen in small intestine and bile in the rat Ignjatovic, J. In silico modeling of salbutamol deposition and absorption following intravenous and inhalation adminstration in rats Jankovic, J. Phamacokinetic study of fluorescently labelled hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin Jadrijevic-Mladar Takac, M. Diabetic conditions and drug vehicles alter drug metabolism Kelemen H.

Chiral discrimination of fluoxetine enantiomers by capillary electrophoresis Perret F. Synthesis and biocompatibility evaluation of new α-cyclodextrin derivatives Szűcs Zs. Preparation and antibacterial evaluation of some semisynthetic derivatives of teicoplanin and its hydrolysis products Ábrahám R. Novel synthesis of fluorinated 1,2,3,4-tetrahydroisoquinoline derivatives Orsy, G. Catalytic deuterodehalogenationi of haloarenes in continuous-flow Nyúl E. Incubation time- pH- and reagent ratio dependence of the product distribution in the Fenton reaction of salicylic acid Marosi A.

Synthesis of 6-deoxy-l-talopyranoside- containing analogues of the anticoagulant pentasaccharide idraparinux Csávás M. Interaction prostate drops professional formulas oligovalent alpha-L-fucopyranosides with recombinant Photorabdus asymbiotica lectin Djekic, L. Development of HPLC method for estimation of 18β-glycyrrhetinic acid prostate drops professional formulas in carbomer based hydrogels Gecse K. Endocannabinoid signalling in migraine Nemes D.

Biocompatibility investigation of pharmaceutical excipients Szűcs K. Abdominal detection of uterine electromyographic signals in pregnant rat: strong correlation with mechanical contractions Gyöngyösi A. Investigation of the endocytosis and its cellular effects of beta-cyclodextrin derivatives on intestinal epithelial prostate drops professional formulas Kovács O. The role of circulating extracellular vesicles on human in vitro osteoclastogenesis Arany P.

Biocompatibility examination of 3D printed implants Antibiotikumok krónikus prosztatitis kezelésére K. Possible connection between the anti-aging klotho protein and autophagy Aczél T. Time course of gene expression changes in trigeminal neutrones and peripheral blood mononuclear cells in a rat orofacial pain model Szentes N.

Altered behavior, learning and memory functions in somatostatin receptor subtype 4 gene-deficient mice Pohóczky K. Transfer of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome to mice via human autoantibodies is mediated by interleukininduced glia cell activation and central sensitization Yalgin, A. Evaluation of fibroblast cell growth on 3D printed polyactic acid based human auricular model in the presence of cyclosporine and co-enzyme Q10 loaded solid lipid nanoparticles Varga E.

Determination and comparison of phenolic compounds of medicinal plants and veterinary herbal medicines Balázs V. Antibacterial effect of cinnamon bark, clove, thyme and peppermint oil against respiratory tract pathogens Sepp, J. The antiviral properties of chamomiles on lentivirus Horváth A.

Effects of different parameters of herbal tea preparation on active compounds Fehér P. Investigation of topical formulation containing silybum marianum extract against UVB - induced oxidative stress in guinea pig and on HaCaT keratinocytes Andrei, F. New perspectives on the antiaging dermocosmetic use of Salvia officinalis volatile oil Boutraa, W.

prostate drops professional formulas

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